Regional Audiences

Outdoor advertising agencies operate in all regional markets outside of London. Advertising on public transport is a truly effective way to reach the 33.2 million consumers on the move who see advertising on bus, rail, tram and London Underground every week. Our media is proven to deliver reach amongst a younger and more upmarket audience. In fact, there’s hardly an audience that public transport media cannot deliver to in huge numbers. Our presence outside of the home means that our media is perfectly positioned to convey advertising messages to motorists, communities, commuters, leisure-seekers and over 55’s, in any village, town or city in the UK.


Outdoor advertising agencies initiative provides local businesses with a cost-effective means of reaching one of the world’s most sought after advertising audiences. London is easily the biggest city in the UK but it’s not just the 7.5 million people who live in London that make it exceptional, but the quality of the audience.

A London worker’s average income is 53% higher (£40,676) than the GB annual average (£26,629) and 74% of all Tube travellers are ABC1.


The Midlands is home to over 7.7 million consumers. Birmingham is the capital of the region and is a thriving commercial centre with a population of over 5 million. The city is ranked as the third best place to locate a business and is well known for its shopping experience. Advertisers benefit from one in every three consumers in the region being aged 15-34.

North West

The North West is the largest region outside London and the South East with 12% of the UK’s population, of which 77% are economically active. The region comprises of five vibrant and diverse counties; Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Merseyside and Cheshire. Greater Manchester boasts the biggest student population in Europe, with 100,330 students and 29% more 15-24s than the national average and Cheshire has 50% more ABs than the national average – meaning higher disposable incomes.


Scotland is home to 5.1 million people and 81% are economically active, giving advertisers an affluent audience to advertise to.

Edinburgh, the country’s capital has grown its population to 450,000, and the city has a low proportion of dependant children, a high level of students and young working adults. It is also host to the world renowned comedy festival.

Glasgow has seen huge economic growth, while Aberdeen has been ranked as the most competitive city after London.

South East

The South East has seen its population grow to over nine million adults and residents in the region have 14% more disposable income than the UK average. Many towns and cities are made up of a young and affluent audience. Guildford is the capital of the region and has 11% more 15-34 year olds than the UK average.

The area is also home to a number of commercial businesses, including Ericsson and Allianz Cornhill Insurance, which has helped high employment.

West and Wales

The South West is home to 4.9 million people and 81% are economically active, giving advertisers a desirable affluent audience. Bristol has a population of 380,000 with 21% having a degree. Bath is home to 169,000 people and is a world heritage site attracting thousands of visitors. Oxford is a growing high-tech community, famous for its university. Exeter is the gateway to the further South West Peninsula that brings in thousands of tourists.

Wales is now home to 3 million adults. 77% of people in Wales are economically active and 72% are in employment. Cardiff, the capital city, has a population of over 300,000 with one in five working in financial & business services. Swansea, Wales’ 2nd largest city, has over 200,000 people, and has benefited from huge investment attracting affluent residents and businesses. The newer electronics and financial services industries are located in Newport, which is a multi cultural community.

Yorkshire and the North East

Yorkshire is home to 5 million adults and boasts 5 individual major cities. Leeds is the capital of the region with a population of 720,000 and a university that attracts more applicants than any other university in the country. Sheffield is England’s 4th largest city and is upmarket with 82% more AB adults than the national average – meaning more people have higher disposable incomes. York is the region’s centre for tourism and has been identified as the UK’s most profitable town for business.

The North East is a mixture of rural and city with 20% more people per sq. km than the rest of the UK. The main urban centre is Tyne and Wear, which employs around half a million people and contains the regional capital, Newcastle. The region boasts five universities and 24 colleges so it’s no surprise that it has a large youth population with 20% more 15-24s than the national average.


This huge concentration of people is easy to target using the 12 high frequency Metro bus corridors. Belfast Metro has the means to deliver an advertisers’ message to an unprecedented footfall.