Does my campaign need creative approval before posting?

Yes. In representing our numerous franchise partners – London Underground, Docklands Light Railway, Bus and Tram companies – Streets Online has an obligation to look at campaign posters on behalf of clients before they are posted. All campaign posters designs are checked by the Customer Service and Franchise departments at Streets Online, adhering to guidelines set by these partners and those of the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) in line with the British Code of Advertising Practice

What are Streets Online’s terms governing the acceptance of advertising?

Streets Online reserves the right to refuse a poster design or creative without providing specific reasons. However, Streets Online will endeavour to refer to the guidelines laid down by our franchise partners who include London Underground, London Buses and all of our other Bus, Rail and Tram franchises.

Where the poster design has given cause for concern, Streets Online. will give recommendations to ensure the poster meets the guidance. We actively encourage our clients, agencies and specialists to send us artwork in advance of production to avoid any costly re-prints.

Copy Guidelines

Advertisements will not be accepted for, or retained on display in the sites managed by Streets Online if in the opinion of Streets Online they:

  1. do not comply with the law or incite anyone to break the law
  2. do not comply with the ASA’s British Code of Advertising Practice (CAP) which includes regulations regarding advertising, sales promotion and direct marketing
  3. do not promote equality of opportunity for all persons irrespective of their race, sex, disability, age, sexual orientation or religion
  4. are likely to offend the general travelling public or depict or offend ethnic, religious or other major groups on account of the nature of the product or service being advertised, the wording or design of the advertisement or inference contained therein
  5. are likely to be defaced
  6. depict men, women or children in a sexual manner, or display nude or semi-nude figures in an overtly sexual context. For example, whilst the use of undressed people in most underwear advertising may be seen as an appropriate context, gratuitous use of an overtly sexual nature will be viewed as unacceptable
  7. depict or refer to indecency or obscenity, depict bodily functions or use obscene or distasteful language
  8. dvertise lap-dancing, gentlemen’s clubs, escort agencies, or massage parlours
  9. depict direct and immediate violence to anyone shown in the poster or to anyone looking at the poster
  10. condone or provoke anti-social behaviour
  11. advertise films which have not been granted permission for public exhibition or which do not show the required certificate except when the name of the cinema is not shown: films carrying an 18 certificate must also carry the Advertising Viewing (AVC) logo
  12. contains images or messages that relate to matters of public controversy and sensitivity are of a political nature calling for the support of a particular viewpoint, policy or action or attacking a member or policies of any legislative, central or local government authority (advertisements are acceptable which simply announce the time, date and place of social activities or of a meeting with the names of the speakers and the subjects to be discussed)
  13. contain illustrations which depict, or might reasonably be assumed to depict, quotations from or references to a living person unless the written consent of that person is obtained and is produced to Streets Online. will require an indemnity against any action by that person or on that person’s behalf before such illustrations, quotations or references will be accepted
  14. use handwriting or illustrations that would suggest the poster has been damaged, defaced, fly posted or subjected to graffiti after it has been posted.
  15. might adversely affect in any way the interest of the site owner e.g. The London Underground, The Docklands Light Railway and all Bus, Tram or Coach company franchise partners (e.g. negative references to the environment)
  16. in the case of digital media, creative must not pose a health and safety risk as a result of flickering or other visual imagery and therefore must comply with the Independent Television Commission’s Guidance Notes for Licenses on Flashing Images and Regular Patterns in Television (Revised and re-issued July 2001)
  17. in the case of digital media, files must not pose any risks to the Streets Online, IT systems that could result in data corruption, a virus, worm, or Trojan horse, or an increased vulnerability to hacking
  18. in terms of digital media, files will not be accepted if they exceed the file size limits imposed by Streets Online, or will in Streets Online’s opinion place a disproportionately large burden on the system.

Streets Online reserve the right to deny a poster design or creative without providing specific reasons although Streets Online will endeavor to refer back to the above guidelines.

Westfield Specific: Prohibited Advertisements

(i) any form of advertising relating to:
(a) cigarettes or tobacco;
(b) a political party or parties or a political cause;
(c) shopping centres, retail parks, shopping parks and other shopping destinations in competition with the Centre;
(d) direct competitors of any Tenants;
(e) any domination package by a competitor to a Brand Alliance Partner

(ii) promotional and other material advertising the business of CBSO except for a small nameplate on the Units displaying the name of CBSO, its website and/or any relevant sales agent;

(iii) any form of advertising which contravenes the current British Code of Advertising Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing or other codes of the ASA (or any successors or similar bodies) from time to time in force;

(iv) any form of advertising which contravenes statute (including in particular the planning, obscenity, sex and racial discrimination and health and safety laws);

(v) any format of advertising which requires specific consent or authority where such consent or authority has not been obtained;

(vi) any form of advertising of illegal products;

(vii) any form of advertising which denigrates competitors of CBSO;

(viii) the exhibition of motion pictures (but not so as to prevent the broadcasting of any clip or short film of no more than sixty (60) seconds duration from the Units);

Please note:

To avoid last minute difficulties and the possibility of wasted production costs, Streets Online is happy to advise on the likelihood of a poster’s acceptability prior to the copy deadline.

It remains the advertiser’s responsibility to ensure creative or advertisement copy does not breach copyright or other intellectual property rights. Licensed brand images and logos require the express permission of the owner before use. CBS is not responsible for property rights or permissions. Use of London Underground logo or station logos can be used on the permission of TfL Group Marketing, Intellectual Property Department call 0207 222 5600 to find out more.

In the event of the rejection of copy, ‘Slipping’ or covering over portions of the poster in question will not be accepted as an alternative.