Working with ELC Roofing

ELC Roofing and Outdoor advertising

We started working with ELC Roofing four years ago by providing them with our outdoor advertising campaigns.

Through our outdoor advertising campaigns, they have improved their status in the construction sector and increased their brand awareness.

ELC Roofing is one of the leading providers of zinc roofing services across the South East of England. They cover areas like Cambridge, London, Surrey, Essex and Kent.

We worked with them as we saw strong potential for their campaign, and we were right to do so! Since ELC Roofing started using our outdoor advertising services, they have noticed an increase in traffic for their zinc roof page and a rise in the number of enquiries.


We provided ELC Roofing with multiple billboards on busy roadsides across Cambridge, London, Surrey, Essex and Kent to advertise their zinc roof services.

These locations were chosen because ELC Roofing wanted to target homeowners looking to install zinc roofs in these areas.

By asking them questions about their campaign expectations, we were able to produce a realistic outcome sheet that supplied them with a rough idea of what to expect from the campaign.


For the first six weeks of the campaign, ELC Roofing reported various benefits that were a direct result of the campaign:

  • New website visitors grew by 86%
  • Enquiries increased by 59%
  • The number of sales was raised by 37%
  • Calls went up by 79%


Since their first campaign went live and ELC Roofing was pleased with the results provided, we talked about delivering any future outdoor advertising campaigns that may occur in the future.

Their zinc roof website has also gone live since the end of their outdoor advertising campaign.

After the campaign finished, ELC managed the success through the number of calls, traffic and sales that ELC Roofing have gotten.

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