When a man is tired of London he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford

Samuel Johnson


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London – there are as many words to describe our capital city as there are people to be found here.

It’s not simply the 7.5 million individuals that reside here that makes London so exceptional, or even its leading place in world politics and finance. Instead, it’s a combination of the quality of audience, its position as a hotbed of art and innovation, a melting pot of cultures and communities, as well as the birth place of everything from world leading fashion designers to being the host city for the 2012 Olympic Games. In short, London is a microcosm of the best our world has to offer.

It’s a combination of this vast spectrum of characteristics that invoke a sense of pride and ‘buzz’ for all those that reside here making London a valuable place to exist in both as a Londoner and an advertiser.

Whether you live or work in Wimbledon or Westminster, there are certain universal truths that bind the valuable London* population together, making it one of the most attractive advertising audiences around:

  • Nearly a quarter of all UK managers and professionals work in Greater London
  • 73% of London’s working population (15+) are ABC1 (compared with 59% of England and Wales)
  • 55% of London’s working population are aged 20-39 (compared with 47% of England and Wales)
  • A London worker’s average annual income is 53% higher (£40,676) than the GB annual average (£26,629)
  • Londoner’s average daily work journey times are 101 minutes – that’s 20% higher than the UK average at 80 mins
  • Londoners are 10% more likely than UK average to ‘spend money without thinking’
  • Londoners are 37% more likely to be opinion leaders than the UK average stating they ‘buy new products before their friends’
  • Londoners are 22% more likely to be light TV viewers than the UK average
  • Household expenditure in London is 18% more than the UK average (London = £544.70 per week, UK = £465.20 per week)
  • Households in London spend 32% more per week on average on their mortgages than the rest of the UK
  • Londoners are 44% more likely to be ‘very interested’ in clothes/fashion articles in magazines than the UK average
  • Londoners are 26% more likely to have recently visited a theatre/gallery/concert/ballet/cultural event etc. than the UK average
  • Londoners are 30% more likely to agree that it’s important that their household is equipped with the latest technology

*We have defined London by the key 32 boroughs plus the City of London (Greater London). This area also represents the London postcodes and therefore the average individual’s perception of ‘true London’.
Sources: Census Workplace Population, ASHE 2009, TfL Travel Report, TGI 2010, ONS

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